Alice Freeman's Instruments

3 Harps, 3 hammered dulcimers, a violin and a violaAlice owns different instruments for many diverse purposes. Your event can be inside or outdoors and in your garden or up in the Snowy Range. The type of event, your location, the size of the room, the number of guests and the type of music all will determine which harp or hammered dulcimer Alice will recommend to make your event unique.

Carbon Fiber Harp

Alice's carbon fiber harp in the snowIs your wedding or special event outdoors? At only 11 pounds, Alice's harp is perfect for carrying to remote locations and tolerating all kinds of weather. This harp needs no protection from rain or shade from the sun. Even though this harp is not made of wood, it has a fabulous tone. The luxurious clear finish over the black carbon fiber fabric and the gold-plated sharping levers provide that little touch of extra class which will make your event truly special.

Celtic Harp

Triplett Catalina Deluxe folk harpFor intimate occasions this lovely harp of walnut and curly maple has a beautiful tone and fits nicely in the corner of rooms when space is at a premium. Alice plays classical, religious, popular,  folk, new age and holiday music on this harp.

Hammered Dulcimers

A Dusty Strings D550 and a James Jones Compact hammered dulcimerHave you heard the unique sound of these instruments? Alice Freeman can play wedding, classical, or folk music for your special event and owns hammered dulcimers in three different sizes which she uses for performing and teaching.

Hammered Dulcimer Hammers

Many kinds of Hammered Dulcimer hammersHammered dulcimers are played by striking the strings with small mallets. Different effects are achieved by using wooden heads, leather-covered, or felt-covered hammers. Some people prefer hammers with flexible shafts; others prefer rigid shafts. The type of wood can also create different tonal effects.