Therapeutic Music

Bedside Therapeutic MusicLive harp music can effect positive changes in the emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual well-being of individuals with health issues. As a supplement to traditional medical care, therapeutic music is specifically matched to a person's immediate needs. Music Practitioners provide a Service and are not entertainers. They are trained to be responsible and unobtrusive while providing beneficial music for patients, their families and caregivers.

 Alice Freeman is a Certified Clinical Musician in a nationally accredited training program. She usually plays about 30 minutes, once-a-week for a patient. The purpose of the music depends on the condition, concerns and interests of the client. The location can include private homes, health care centers, assisted living centers and the hospital, according to your needs. Alice is also experienced in providing comfort and serenity during end-of-life transitions.

Call Alice at 307.745.3950 to consult with her regarding the purpose of the music to be played, for how long, and how often.