Benefits of Therapeutic Music

Certain types of music can encourage the production of endorphins and serotonin which can reduce pain and stress, help us relax or in other cases stimulate us. For example, the Major Keys in a Western  musical scale are more cheerful sounding while the Minor Key scales sound more sad. When hearing therapeutic music, patients usually respond better (as indicated by improved vital signs) to music in Major Keys. Minor Keys, being more cathartic, are useful in promoting communication and assisting in the grief process. Improvised music is frequently played for the actively-dying because familiar tunes can interfere with the transition process.

Benefits of therapeutic music can include:

  • Relieving anxiety of the critically ill 
  • Reducing stress and blood pressure of the chronically ill 
  • Augmenting pain management 
  • Relieving body and mental tension of the pre-surgery client
  • Accelerating physical healing of post-surgery and injured patients 
  • Easing the birthing process 
  • Aiding mental focus in Alzheimer’s patients by lifting and clearing their consciousness
  • Assisting the dying by facilitating ease in the transition process