Wedding Music Planning Suggestions

Here are some suggestions to help with planning music for your wedding.


Start planning at least 6 months before your wedding. Many harpists book events more than a year in advance. The busy seasons in Wyoming are the Winter Holidays and July or August. Allow yourself enough time to find the musicians you want. 


Your wedding location may determine the musicians you hire. If you are getting married on a mountaintop, they will need portable instruments. Outdoor weddings with more than 50 guests require amplification equipment for the music to be heard. Some venues restrict the musicians who may perform there.


Many people prefer live musicians. These people can range from friends or family members to professional soloists, small ensembles or bands. Others use recorded music or DJs. Your choice will depend on your taste and budget and whether it bothers you when recorded music is abruptly cut off in the middle of a song.

What Music

Suggestions for traditional, classical, popular, folk and Celtic music Alice likes to play are listed on Suggested Wedding Music. This is your wedding and Alice will do her best to match your ideas to what sounds good on a Harp or Hammered Dulcimer.

Alice Freeman and her Carbon Fiber Harp waiting for the start of a wedding at the Hereford Ranch east of Cheyenne, WyomingChoosing Music

Weddings often begin with music to entertain guests before the ceremony starts. Music will also be provided after the ceremony while everyone leaves the area. If you need some ideas, a good wedding musician will have many suggestions of appropriate music for the following parts of a service. Their music is always gracefully faded out when it is no longer needed.

  • Seating of Mothers, Grandmothers, and other special people: Processionals or favorite songs. 
  • Processionals for Bridal Party and Bride: Traditional or non-traditional music is appropriate.
  • Lighting of a Unity Candle, Sand Ceremonies or other special unification observances: Music of a reflective nature.
  • Special Ceremony Music: Includes music for meditations or as background for readings and specific meaningful songs.
  • Recessional Music: Marches played until the Bridal Party has left the area.

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