Recommended Harp Books

Many therapeutic musicians have extensive libraries of music books and our group is no exception. These are some of our favorite harp books. When we share music during the Lifelong Learning Therapeutic Musician Group sessions, we always let others know our sources.

22 Carols for 22 Strings22 Carols for 22 Strings by Pamela Dorian. Modern and traditional harmonies, all songs written in the keys of C and G, so they can be played on a C-C lap harp or G-G. Arrangements work on the 26 string harp as well. intermediate lever or pedal harp, also suitable for small harp with no levers


50 Christmas Carols50 Christmas Carols for All Harps by Sylvia Woods. If you only have one book of Christmas harp music this is the definitive collection. There is also a CD available. 


50 Irish Melodies50 Irish Melodies for All Harps by Sylvia Woods. 50 favorite melodies arranged in two versions for each tune: easy and advanced. Easy to advanced lever or pedal harp.


The Celtic HarpThe Celtic Harp by Christine Martin and Siobhan Bhreathnach. A selection of 30 lovely tunes from all the Celtic countries, arranged for Clarsach (or piano). Fine old airs and dance tunes from Scottish, Welsh, Breton, England, Manx, and Cornish traditions. Easy to moderate difficulty for Intermediate Lever Harp. 


Christmas EveChristmas Eve by Sunita Staneslow. The 16 harp arrangements from Sunita Staneslow’s 'Christmas Eve' CD are presented in this book for advanced beginner to intermediate players. The keys range from 2 flats to 2 sharps, with no fingerings.


Easy Favorites - SeasonalEasy Favorites - Seasonal by Cindy Kleinstuber Blevins. This book contains 18 holiday songs from the Feast of Favorites series of books, in easy arrangements. Not "simple" but easy. The integrity and interest of each solo is there, just less notes, for the not so advanced player. The pieces include chord symbols and some fingerings. There is a short text on fingerings and brackets, and a primer on using the chord symbols. There is also a section of hints and tips on many of the arrangements, making this a "learning book" as well as a "playing book." You need C below middle C and 24 strings to play this book. No levers needed.


Gift of Healing ModesThe Gift of Healing Modes. Play naturally, play simply and play powerfully are the three declarations that summarize this book by Stella Benson. Each mode has its own relative mood quality. See why pure intervals, harmonic series, Nature's Chord, and the human voice frequency range are critical and sometimes overlooked aspects of therapeutic music. 

  • Recommended by Alice Freeman
  • Available from


Green Grows the HollyGreen Grows the Holly. 25 lovely medieval and Renaissance carols arranged by Suzanne Guldimann. Lyrics in both English and the original languages are included, along with historical notes on the pieces.


Healing HarpsHealing Harps, Pursuing Wholeness Through Music by Dr. Ron Price. Eight arrangements for harp ensemble compiled by Dr. Price (3 and 4 harps, 2 with an additional flute part). Dr. Price worked over 35 with music helping people with disabilities. He died in 2013.

  • Recommended by Aprille Isham


I Wonder As I WanderI Wonder as I Wander and All Through the Night by Louise Trotter. Intermediate level harp solos, both in the key of C. Suitable for Christmas and other times of year, as well. Techniques include harmonics and p.d.l.t. Words are also included.


Making Music for Folk HarpMaking Music for Folk Harp by Susan Raimond. Rated at a beginning level, this book is published by Mel Bay and comes with a CD. The ISBN 10 is 0786629673. The ISBN 13 is 9780786629671.


Panorama de la Harpe CeltiquePanorama de la Harpe Celtique by Dominig Bouchaud. The book contains a nice mixture of Celtic (many Breton songs, but also Irish) and classical pieces from the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque and Romantic periods all nicely arranged with fingerings. Rated intermediate to advanced, this book is intended for lever harps and is published by Editions Musicales Transatlantiques.

  • Recommended by Mona Johnson
  • Available from (Lyon & Healy West)


Teach Yourself the Folk HarpTeach Yourself the Folk Harp by Sylvia Woods. An excellent book for beginning adult students. Sylvia teaches reading notes, chords, finger slides, crossovers and unders, glissandos, and more. A special section contains such helpful topics as tuning, harp care, string replacement, and sharping levers. Rated for easy lever harp


Traditional Scottish MusicTraditional Scottish Music arranged by William Jackson. A compilation of traditional music for all harps. Arrangements are very well executed, easy to read and play, and fun to listen to. The pieces of music range from advanced beginner level to intermediate.