Planning for Mobile Devices

Planning how you are going to retrieve and use music on your mobile device is very important before you start buying music, scanning pieces, and uploading PDFs to your device. Here are some ideas for consideration before you start.


  • How is your music currently organized?
    • Do you build a Binder for each event with the music you want to play? 
    • Do you want to duplicate this structure with Setlists on your mobile device?
  • Where are you going to store the PDFs for your music before they are uploaded to your mobile device?
    • Do you have a good scanner and software for creating PDFs?
  • What Categories of music do you play? 
    • For instance, do they include Celtic, classical, pop, religious, jazz, holiday/seasonal, medieval, or wedding music? 
    • These classifications may become inspiration for both organizing the storage of your PDFs (wherever you back up your files) and for creating Setlists on your mobile device.
  • What is important about organizing music within these categories?
    • Key Signature
    • Harp lever or pedal settings
    • Mood sets like happy, sad or sleepy

Naming Conventions -- When you store music on your iPad, how are you going to recognize it again? 
This is Alice's preferred naming convention: TuneName-Composer-Arranger-Key-Instrument

  • She only adds the “Composer” when necessary, for instance in differentiating pieces named “Adagio,” “Lullaby,” etc. 
  • She only uses the “Arranger” when she has uploaded the same tune in different arrangements. (Alice will sometimes make a medley out of multiple versions of the same tune by different arrangers.) 
  • The “Key” is important for harp players and determines how they set their levers or pedals at the beginning of the piece. This is helpful if you want to group pieces in the same key.
    • Note however that “C” can also be “A minor” or “G Mixolydian” or “D Dorian.” Think about how you want to be able to find your tunes again and how much information you need to include in the file name.
  • The “Instrument” code is helpful when you have music on a mobile device for multiple instruments.  Alice uses the designation “AH” for All Harps, “PH” for an arrangement playable only on a Pedal Harp, “CH” for large Celtic Harps, “TH” for a 25-string Therapy Harp, “HD” for a Hammered Dulcimer piece and "LS" for a Lead Sheet arrangement which can be played on anything.