Recommended Apps

There are thousands of apps available from the Apple iTunes Store, the Google Play Store, and other sources. Alice uses someĀ of the following apps, others have been recommended by other musicians. Some are free, others are not. Often a "Lite" version is available for you to try for Free. If you like it, you frequently can purchase an enhanced version with more features.

These pages contain references to apps Alice believes may be of interest to harp players in particular. Apps are grouped by their intended purpose. Information is included for which device the app was designed. Most are for iPhones and iPads, but there are a few listed for other platforms (such as Android and Kindle). Links are provided to the source for the app in the Apple Apps Store and the Google Play Store. Apps can also be looked up directly from your device. The app logos are copyrighted or trademarked by their respective companies. They are included here solely for ease in recognizing the app. The prices are current as of May 15, 2015.