Therapeutic Music

The following comments are actual customer comments, made by patients and their families who have been happy they hired Alice Freeman to provide harp music at bedside, during the transition process and for memorial services.

Alice did a wonderful job with all residents. Those that were able to respond enjoyed her harp playing, and appeared more calm and relaxed. The one resident that was unable to respond did not become over stimulated which a goal of ours. -- P.H.

The music therapy is relaxing and therapeutic to our senior adults. -- T. S.

All of the feedback I have received from our patients and families and/or caregivers has been nothing but praise for her and her beautiful music. I have heard Alice play and she truly plays from the heart. -- T. H.

I really enjoy your music. When you play for the Valentine’s Day Concert, you won’t skip coming to my room that week, will you?
-- H.W.

Are you coming to play just for me? I’ve never seen a harp this close. -- L.S.

Thank you for playing your lovely harp while I was in the hospital. Nurses and other patients always commented after you left about how lucky I was to have a harpist come and play for me.
-- J.K.

I am so glad you were here today. I was not looking forward to them taking out my stitches and the harp music was such a lovely distraction it was over before I knew it.
-- M.K.

I so appreciated you coming to the hospital to play for me after my surgery. It really took the pain away.
-- J.H.

Your beautiful harp music gives “A.” something to look forward to every week and we really think it has improved her mental attitude and alertness.
-- M. F. (caregiver for an Alzheimer’s patient)

Thanks again for the lovely harp music during the ice cream social and memorial service for my father. So many people commented on how lovely it was. -- J.M. 

Your playing the harp for H's memorial service pleased me and all the children found it beautiful and appropriate for H. Instrumental music was his favorite and I know he loved the harp. -- S.W.

How wonderful to hear the beautiful music you and your harp create. Thank you for playing for us. It made our Celebration of Life Service so special. -- L.G. 

I can't thank you enough for the time you gave and the love you showed to and for Mom. I cannot express in words how much it meant to me that you gave of your time, week in and week out [for 5 years], to bring her music and companionship. I have missed hearing you play these last few weeks [since she died]! Thanks for all you do! -- S.S.

Thanks so much, dear Alice! I'm feeling your music in a big way and it's very soothing. It helped me get to sleep last night in spite of a megadose of steroids. I really appreciated and FELT your music in a big way, Alice! It made me peaceful in a scary time. Thank you SOOOOO much. -- S.G.

I can't thank you enough for lightening up a sad day for us. You were absolutely wonderful! We all needed that for sure. -- P.M.