The following comments are actual customer comments, made by students or their families who have been happy they are taking lessons from Alice Freeman.

No matter how many times my practice "Falls Apart," you put it "Back Together" with your great teaching & incredible patience & encouragement! Thanks for keeping me going!
G.S. - Casper, Wyoming

Thanks for another wonderful lesson for K!  I continue to be amazed at the amount of planning and thoughtfulness you instill into your teaching!    All those extra handouts you invest time in really help provide great tools to help all learning styles...Thanks for all you do! Thanks also for giving our harp-playing Kaira some pointers as a bonus! 
D.T. - Cheyenne, Wyoming

She is really enjoying the new arrangements you have made for her and I have even heard her practice her lever drills  :) You're brilliant.

D.K. - Elk Mountain, Wyoming

Let me tell you that I cried when S. gave me the gift card for harp lessons.  She knew that I would probably never do this on my own, and I really want to give this a try and just love the instrument!! 
C.H. - Laramie, Wyoming

Thanks for the advanced notice for the harp duets. It will be an honor to play with you. Thanks for teaching wonderful music lessons to S. We are so excited to see you both play in this great December occasion.
S.A. - Laramie, Wyoming

You are truly an incredible person.  E. did express she might want to take lessons with H.S. but she felt fiercely loyal to you. Thanks for giving her the options.
D.K. - Elk Mountain, Wyoming

S. is so lucky to have you as her wonderful, loving teacher. I really appreciate your kindness, amazing Alice.
S.A. - Laramie, Wyoming

I just wanted to thank you for responding so generously and genuinely to my inquiry into the hammered dulcimer. Your enthusiasm, and care, are mighty inspiring! Though for now I'm slowly picking my harp back up, I do love the HD and imagine I'll be playing it again sometime soon. With gratitude and love,
J.F. - Bainbridge Island, Washington